REACH Only Representative

Manufacturers of chemical substances, formulators and article producers established outside the EEA* that wish to facilitate the importation of their products into the EEA market may spare their European customers the administrative, technical and financial burden of the mandatory REACH related procedures.

To that end, they must appoint a REACH Only Representative in accordance with REACH article 8. The Only Representative fulfills a number of obligations which normally fall on the importers under REACH.

As your REACH Only Representative, Lisam Telegis secures the REACH compliancy of the chemical substances that you export to the EEA by taking care of all the necessary steps such as:

  • Substance status assessment
  • Submission of an Inquiry to the European Chemicals Agency ECHA
  • Information exchanges with Lead Registrants
  • Study monitoring
  • Preparation and submission of the registration dossier
  • Post-registration tasks including dossier updates.

Lisam Telegis is an active member of the European Only Representative Organisation ORO.

Association européenne des représentants exclusif ORO

*European Economic Area = European Union + Norway + Iceland + Liechtenstein.