UFI Campaign

UFI Campaign

mercredi 1 décembre 2021
Domestic accidents involving everyday chemical products are reported daily. They can occur at any time and any place and affect especially small children. In the case of accidental exposure, medical advice should be sought immediately by contacting the local poison centre.

ECHA has launched an awareness campaign for European citizens, and in particular parents with small children, to make them aware of the usefulness of the UFI number and to know where to find it on product labels. This campaign also aims to show the importance of taking safety measures at home to avoid accidental poisoning as much as possible.

UFI number is composed of 16 characters and is preceded by the acronym "UFI:". It is increasingly available on product labels and is requested when a person seeks medical advice in the event of an accidental exposure. This number helps doctors to identify the product in question and its components more quickly, and thus enables them to provide both suitable preventive and curative measures.

Therefore, if you want to be part of this campaign effort, you can:
◾ share ECHA publications on this subject using the hashtag #UFImattersEU,
◾ participate in the UFI challenge in order to reach as many parents as possible,
◾ communicate with those around you to give them information about the UFI number.

Manufacturers must also continue to declare their products in accordance with Annex VIII of the CLP Regulation and immediately anticipate the affixing of these UFI numbers on the labels. Lisam Telegis can assist you in these steps.

Link for more information: https://poisoncentres.echa.europa.eu/why-the-ufi-matters-for-everybody

Link to the terms of the campaign: https://poisoncentres.echa.europa.eu/ufi-matters-social-media-campaign

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