290 chemicals may need further regulatory action

290 chemicals may need further regulatory action

lundi 26 avril 2021

In 2020, around 1900 substances were assessed by ECHA, as part of its integrated regulatory strategy. Following its report published on April the 21st, 290 of them may become candidates for further EU risk management if their hazardous potential is confirmed.

Over the past two years, ECHA has changed its way of working by using a group approach which brings together chemically similar substances. This has significantly accelerated the identification of new substances of potential concern. This strategy will continue to be optimized in the years to come.

ECHA encourages EU Member States to ensure adequate resources and to collaborate as much as possible in order to optimize procedures. The Agency also wants REACH registration dossiers to be proactively updated as soon as necessary.

Its objective: to clarify by 2027 the registered substances to be prioritized for regulatory risk management or for the production of additional data.

To find ECHA’s third report on its Integrated Regulatory Strategy, you may consult the following link: see here


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