Compliance of your safety data sheets

Compliance of your safety data sheets

mardi 13 juillet 2021
Safety data sheets vehiculate key safety information in the supply chain. If they are not properly written, the users of hazardous substances and mixtures may not receive adequate information on their safe use.

The REACH-EN-FORCE (REF) projects are “designed to harmonise enforcement in each Member State and check the current level of compliance with regard to particular obligations imposed on industry by the REACH, CLP and PIC regulations”.

The poor quality of information in safety data sheets is a long-standing issue. In the REF-2 project, back in 2013, up to 52 % of safety data sheets were found to be deficient and recent experience from the enforcement activities in Member States confirms that the issue persists.

A new EU-wide enforcement project in 2023 (REF-11) will investigate the quality of information in safety data sheets and their compliance with the applicable requirements. The Enforcement Forum will prepare the project in 2022, run inspections in 2023 and report in 2024.

Lisam Telegis through strong expertise and continuous monitoring of European chemicals regulations offers dedicated support, helping you to secure the compliance of your safety data sheets.

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