DUINs: the submission deadline is close!

DUINs: the submission deadline is close!

lundi 13 septembre 2021
With Brexit, the status of companies based in Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) and sourcing from Europe, changed from downstream user under EU REACH to importer under UK REACH.

In order to be able to continue importing chemicals from the European Union, while benefiting from derogatory deadlines for registering substances according to the new regulation in force in Great Britain, DUINs (Downstream User Import Notifications) must be submitted to the HSE agency. The deadline for submitting these notifications is October 27, 2021.

In order to secure its access to the UK market, any manufacturer or formulator based outside GB may choose to appoint an Only Representative (OR) in Great Britain, who will be in charge of submitting notifications on behalf of its UK customers, thus ensuring access to the UK market during the transitional registration periods, and even subsequently to make the registrations in order to perpetuate this access.

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