Notifications to the C&L Inventory, are you up to date?

Notifications to the C&L Inventory, are you up to date?

jeudi 29 juillet 2021
According to Article 40 of the CLP regulation, only manufacturers of substances or importers of substances or mixtures must notify substances to the Classification and Labelling (C&L) Inventory. The notification, free of charge, must be done within one month from the placing on the market of substances:

• Subject to registration under REACH (≥ one tonne/year), where the registration has not yet been submitted. This includes substances on their own, substances contained in mixtures and certain substances contained in articles where REACH Article 7 provides for their registration
• Classified as hazardous under the CLP regulation, independently of tonnages and even if they are exempted from REACH registration (such as polymers)
• Classified as hazardous under the CLP regulation and present in a mixture above the concentration limits specified in Annex I to the CLP regulation, resulting in the classification of the mixture as hazardous

Created from these notifications and from the registration dossiers, the C&L Inventory allows to view the often diverging information concerning classification and labelling that has been assigned to a same substance. As it can be consulted by all, it encourages more in-depth discussions between suppliers to understand the reasons for these differences, and to study whether they are justified.

If you encounter any difficulties in completing your C&L Inventory notifications, Lisam Telegis can help you with this process.

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