UK REACH DUIN submission deadline extended

UK REACH DUIN submission deadline extended

lundi 8 novembre 2021
If you did not notify HSE by 27 October 2021 and wish to continue to import EU REACH registered substances into Great Britain at or above one ton per year, you can still submit a notification!

Indeed, the deadline to submit downstream user import notifications (DUINs) has been extended.

Even grandfathering registrations under UK REACH may still be possible if you missed the 30 April 2021 deadline. If this is the case, you should contact HSE at urgently in order to “discuss how to return into compliance”.

As a reminder, if you missed the DUIN submission date and you do not take advantage of the extra days offered, you must register your substances under UK REACH by first completing an Article 26 Inquiry, if you are:
• A GB legal entity that plans to manufacture or import substances for the first time, at over 1 ton per annum.
• An importer of substances into GB in quantities greater than 1 ton per annum and miss the DUIN deadline.
• A GB-based OR of a non-GB based organisation that plans to export substances into the GB market for the first time at over 1 ton per annum.


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